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Register and enter the products you trade


Send the products to our warehouse


We will stock them in our fulfillment centers


When you receive an order in your online store, we will fulfill and ship it

Изпращане на B2B пратки5

24 to 48 hour delivery to the customer's door, with tracking and shipment insurance

"SMALL" program for small and cheap shipments

Price for the preparation for sending /fulfillment/ of these shipments - 0.70 Euro


The selling price of the product with additional fees and services must be no more than 10 Euros.

The shipment must be packed in an envelope / yellow with bubble wrap inside / size up to B2 - 140/225 mm and envelope thickness up to 35 mm. There should be an opening at the top of the envelope and the barcode should be placed on the back of the envelope.

Weight of the shipment with the envelope - up to 150 grams.

To opt-in to this program, you must email us a list of the products you wish to include in it.

Each product must include; name, barcode, dimensions, weight, link to the product listing

Upon approval by us, your product will be included in the program and you will be charged a fee of 0.70 Euro to prepare the product for shipment /fulfillment/

All other fees and terms remain unchanged.

The SMALL program in combination with cheap courier shipments to addresses around the world will help you develop your business

For more information, you can search us by phone

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For our customers, we provide VAT registration and VAT accounting in Germany and England at very low prices. We offer many additional services:

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"Thanks to Tradefy and their professionalism, I was able not only to revive the family business, but also to grow it. Our sales in Germany and France generated a 28% increase in profit."

Виктория Методиева

"Tradefy is an extremely convenient and comprehensive service, through which I was able to increase my overseas sales by 34% in the first 3 months."

Димитър Христов

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