Execution of orders oт from your online store to the customer’s door

Shipment is no longer your concern

An all-round fulfillment service

Our fulfillment warehouses are the easiest and cheapest way to deliver to your customers

Our system is integrated with Amazon, eBay, Hoodand others, integration with your online store

How we help your business

Managing orders from your online store to your customer’s door

Inventory management

You will have full real-time information on:

How it works?


Register and enter the items you sell


Send the goods to our warehouse


We will transport and store them in our fulfillment centres in Germany, UK and Spain


When you receive a purchase order in your online store, we will prepare it and ship it to your customer

express delivery5

We will make the delivery from 24 to 48 hours to the customer's doorstep, tracking and insurance of the shipment included

Cross-docking program to optimize your online business

You send your items in a groupage box

to our warehouse and we deliver them

to your customers around the world.

Крос-докинг програма
за оптимизация на вашия
онлайн бизнес

Изпращате вашите пратки в общ кашон
към наш склад и ние ги доставяме
до вашите клиенти по целия свят.

Use our experience and contacts

We provide our customers with VAT registration and VAT accounting services in Germany and UK at very low prices

What customers say about us

"Thanks to Tradefy and their expertise, I was able not only to revive the family business, but also to expand it. Our sales in Germany and France generate 28 % profit growth."
Victoria Metodieva
"Tradefy is an extremely useful all-in-one service that helped me increase my sales abroad by 34 % in the first 3 months."
Dimitar Hristov


Sell ​​directly to customers from all over the world