You only pay for what you use

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No hidden fees, small printed text and conditions leading to financial losses

You send your goods to our warehouse in Bulgaria and pay only for storage, transport, order processing and shipping to your customers


he price for storage and warehousing of goods is charged per day, at 0.60 EUR per cubic meter for every day that has started.

Order Processing

Fixed fee for processing and dispatch preparation based on the type, size and weight of the items

Shipping service

It is charged based on weight, shipping zone and times of delivery

Price lists

You can view our full price lists for each of the following countries

Storage and warehousing

Storage and warehousing’ means the receiving of the goods and the provision of physical space for them, as well as appropriate storage conditions.

The price for storage and warehousing of goods is calculated per day, at 0.60 EUR per cubic meter for every day that has started..
Order fulfillment

Packing and preparation for dispatch

Picking the goods from the shelves, packaging according to your instructions, labelling according to the requirements of the shipping carrier, dispatching for delivery to your customer.


Additional services

Type Descripti Value in EUR
Packaging Placing the goods in a suitable package. The cost of the package is paid separately 0,40 /item
Labelling Labelling necessary for proper storage of the goods in the warehouse 0,20 /item
Return You can request at any time the return of your goods. The cost of transport is paid separately. 0,20 /item
Destruction You can request that part of your goods be destroyed. от 0,20 /item
Return Address You can use our return address to receive returns from your customers. We will pick up the items, notify you and store the goods pending your instructions. от 0,40 /item
Check the returns You can ask us to open the package and take 4 pictures of the items in it. The decision about the condition of the items is made by you. 0,80 /item

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