PRE Amazon FBA

Диверсификация на риска.

What is Amazon FBA?

Amazon is the largest online retailer in Europe, and accounts for over 50% of all electronic transactions. For any merchant, joining the platform can lead to triple digit revenue growth.

Amazon’s Fulfillment by Amazon or FBA program allows merchants to sell on their platform and stock their merchandise at their fulfillment centers, with Amzon doing the fulfillment.

The advantage for the traders is that by presenting the goods they have no more commitments when receiving an order, it is fulfilled automatically.

The downside is that this only covers Amazon and other platforms cannot be covered.

Why it is needed before FBA

Shipping an item for Amazon FBA comes with some pretty specific requirements that if not met, the item won’t be accepted, or it will cost you a lot of money. Also, maintaining a large inventory on Amazon can cost you a lot, and when an account is blocked, it takes months to download the stock.

Pre FBA from Tradefy

Pre FBA by Tradefy allows you to focus on sales by leaving the warehousing, processing and organization of FBA logistics to us. With our scalding services, you will reduce your FBA costs while ensuring on-time deliveries.

How it works

Съхранение в междинен склад

Acceptance of the goods

Send the product or order it with direct delivery to our fulfillment center.



According to your instructions, we will inspect the goods in terms of quantity and quality, if in doubt, we will provide you with photo material to protect yourself from incorrect suppliers.



At your request, we will process, assemble, package and label your products according to your instructions.


Promotional materials

If you are planning an advertising campaign, we can add promotional brochures, giveaways, additional products and discount coupons.



We will store your products according to your needs and instructions. It’s generally not a good practice to store the entire quantity on Amazon, due to cost or account lockout, so staging is a good option.

Изпращане към фулфилмънт на Амазон

Shipping to Amazon Fulfillment

Once you’ve requested a delivery window, we’ll ship the item with a courier of your choice or one you’ve requested with the purchase of shipping labels from Amazon.


Return address

The return address is key to successful sales, Amazon likes to have an address where they and customers can send back orders and products they generally don’t want to deal with.


Fulfillment for other platforms

Amazon is definitely the leading and strongest market place, but as they say “don’t put all your eggs in one basket” Amazon often blocks accounts because of different verifications and it can even lead to bankruptcy, so don’t wait for that to happen, diversify with own store and other platforms.

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