Mail campaigns

Why send physical letters?

For companies, sending paper letters by direct mail to named addressees is an excellent opportunity to reach a large number of individuals at a relatively low cost. Also, unlike email, a paper letter may also have proof of receipt.

For recipients – seeing your name on the envelope / and if it’s a package…/ is a very personal experience that intrigues and prompts you to open and familiarize yourself with the contents of the letter.

Campaign types

  • GDPR – sending letters to the interested parties and confirming with a return receipt.
  • Sending magnetic or ID cards
  • Sending promotional materials to potential customers.
  • Sending samples.
  • Send discount cards.
  • Sending gifts and coupons related to raffles and loyalty programs.

How it works

изпратете материалите


Email us a file with a list of recipient addresses.

Send the application materials in the mail.

If you need to send leaflets or similar we can print them.

Поготовка за изпращане на писмата


We will process the address data.

We will generate labels.

We will print return receipts

We will prepare the letters with the content you have foreseen.

Изпращане на писмата


We will send the letters by the courier of your choice.

We will send you an interim report with data for all addresses processed.

We will get the return receipts

Получаванен на обратните разписки


We will assemble and arrange them in the way you want.

We will prepare a final report of the letters sent and return receipts returned.

We will forward the materials, report and return receipts to you.

Why Tradefy

Contact our expert

If you have questions or plan a mail campaign, contact us, we will advise you, offer you excellent conditions, conduct and report the data of the campaign.