Overview of integrations


What are integrations?

Integrations are a programmatic connection – an API between two systems, allowing them to communicate by exchanging structured data.

Why are they important?

Integrations provide new opportunities, allow you to manage many others through one system without going into their specifics.

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eBay is a global online trading platform that allows buyers and sellers to trade all kinds of goods.


In addition to its physical stores, Kaufland has a strong online presence. The company's website allows online merchants to create accounts and trade a wide range of goods.

Интерграциа с Емаг


eMag is an important player in the field of e-commerce in Central and Eastern Europe. Emag does most of the sales itself, but allows other merchants to use the platform.

Интеграция Amzon

Amzon SPN

Amazon needs no introduction, their SPN program allows merchants to sell on the platform. It is the leader and allows even the smallest merchants to have a global presence.



WordPress WooCommerce is the most popular e-commerce platform for WordPress. It is the most used eCommerce plugin

Tradefy интеграции Shopify


Shopify is an online-based e-commerce platform designed to help businesses create and manage online stores.