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Fulfillment processes in Tradefy

Correct and timely fulfillment of online orders plays an important role in ensuring a positive user experience, long-term success in e-commerce and realizing a positive financial result.

Therefore, it is important to have an overview of the processes in the fulfillment centers so that you can make the right choice of operator or suitable software for your fulfillment warehouse.

Receiving orders

Thanks to the large number of integrations with different platforms and CMSs, orders are downloaded from Tradefy and you will see them in one page with a clear indication of the market place where they were made, date of creation, customer – country, name and phone, status and others. Tradefy supports integrations with Amazon, eBay, Kaufland, Shopify, Emag, Etsy, WooCommerce, OpenCart. CloudCart, ConvertBuilder, Seliton, GombaShop, Wix, Sellavy and more.

If you receive orders by phone, Tradefy offers you a convenient form to fill in with filters for regular customers, easy product search and information on stock availability and quantities ordered so far.

Stock monitoring

In Tradefy, stock levels change the moment a product is collected for a specific order, a delivery is made, or a return is requested from a customer. Thus, you have real-time information on stock balances, which, if you wish, will be sent to certain or all stores through the integrations so that a product that is not available is not sold.

In addition, when submitting the order to a fulfillment warehouse, you again receive information about the stocks and it is again a matter of your choice whether to submit an order with a product out of stock / if you are waiting for delivery / or to completely prohibit such an option.

Подготовка на фулфилмънт поръчките


For the warehouse, preparation is the most labor-intensive process, but it is of key importance for the quality fulfillment of orders, and for you something that happens behind the scenes, unless you use your own fulfillment center.

At Tradefy, this happens like this:

  • A list of goods to be found and picked up from the warehouse is generated.
  • Tradefy guides the operator to a specific location where he finds the relevant product.
  • The operator confirms that the place is in the right place by reading the barcode then the products.


For you, this is also a procedure that happens behind the scenes.

In addition to meeting the courier’s requirements, labeling must ensure that the printed label will stick to the correct shipment and not another.

Correct replenishment in accordance with courier requirements, accuracy of execution as well as speed of processing is ensured and guaranteed by Tradefy. The operator is required to follow procedures and “listen” to Tradefy.


Tradefy is built on the principle of “Zero Trust“, what this means for sending shipments:

  • Each shipment must be handed over to the courier for which it was prepared.
  • It must be ensured that the shipment will reach the courier’s depot, and will not be “lost” along the way.
  • The shipment must be tracked to the consignee or returned to the warehouse.

For this, Tradefy has created procedures that provide real-time information on the status of the shipment.

Управление на връщанията

Returns Management

The law guarantees the customer’s right to return purchased online goods, and in reality this is quite a common practice, but for the merchant it leads to serious losses. How Tradefy helps you:

  • Checking the status of the returned goods. The most important point when processing returns is to determine whether the product is fit for resale.
  • Storage After inspection, the goods are stored for subsequent sale or for return to the merchant.

Fulfillment services offered by Tradefy centers in Bulgaria and Europe

Here you can find the main fulfillment services we offer, if you have questions or are not sure how a specific task should be done, contact us and we will discuss it and find a solution.

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