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Follow these steps:

  1. Register on the Tradefy platform

  2. Enter the items you want to sell;

  3. Send the items to our warehouse;

  4. Issue a goods dispatch note. We’ll prepare the order and we’ll ship it to your customer;

  5. You’ll receive information about the actions performed by us in real time;

  6. You control all processes in the e-commerce platforms online through your account in Tradefy

  7. You have a real-time overview of all processes – available quantities, item prices, purchase orders, sales history, turnover etc. 

Tradefy provides several key benefits that save your time and resources:

  • Reliable deliveries – the goods are stored in our warehouse in Bulgaria, Germany, Spain or UK. A professional team takes care of storage, processing and shipping to the buyers

  • Short delivery times – up to 2 days for standard delivery and within 24 hours for express delivery.

  • Lower shipping costs.

  • You manage all processes from your Tradefy account

You decide how long to store your goods in the warehouse and when to pick up them.

Damage caused during warehouse activities are borne by Tredify, except in cases where the expiration date of the item has passed.

The returned goods are picked up by the warehouse and if only repackaging is needed, it is done on site and items are released for resale. If it is necessary to perform other operations that can be performed in the warehouse as well, such would be performed. All other issues are discussed individually with the seller and we’ll follow his instructions.

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