Return address and return processing

Processing returns from online sales

Quality handling of your returns and reverse logistics is a major competitive advantage in online sales. Take advantage of the local return address for refused or undelivered shipments and their processing for subsequent fulfillment shipment or return to your warehouse.

връщания - обратен адрес

With Tradefy, every return and refund will be converted into a new filled order

Returns for goods purchased online are protected by law, and customers make the most of this protection.

Depending on the type of product, between 5% and 40% of shipments are returned, which can lead to huge losses.

Handling returns is a huge headache and without a well-functioning organization will cost you a lot of money and a lot of nerves.

With the Tradefy solution, you get the certainty that every shipment will be processed correctly and you will be protected from incorrect customers, and your goods will be able to be sold.

How it works

Регистрация в Tradefy1


Register and set rules for handling customer returns

регистрация на обратния адресс2

Set the address

Enter the warehouse address as the return address on the platforms you trade on.

Получаване на връщанията3

Returns to address

Shipments will be sent and received at our address.



We will inspect, process, label and store the goods according to your instructions.

Изпращане на B2B пратки5


At your request, we will ship the goods to another customer or ship them back to your warehouse.

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